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“The Tumbleweeds”

Like most people, my husband and I, lead a very busy life. We worked long hours and were constantly involved in our two sons childhood activities.   During our free time (the little we had) we spend as much time as possible OUTDOORS! Once our sons left the nest, we pursued in following one of our distant dreams…to travel…

Although my husband traveled a lot due to work projects, I barely had the opportunity! We finally had the chance to travel together…for pleasure!  We traveled through SOUTH AFRICA and visited mostly remote towns.  We will be sharing this unforgettable experience with you…   NORTHERN CAPE,  DIAMOND COAST, WEST COAST, KAROO & THE KALAHARI, and more….

With many journals and photos still to be published, we believe it would be worth your while to visit this site on a regular basis.



“The Tumbleweeds”

While we are travelling and living so close to nature, the fresh air seems to heal the soul… This is a poem my husband wrote … describing what we do…..

  “We roll across the land through thick mud and sand…                                              to gather beautiful photographs – as many as we can….

Under the Sky, bright or dark….                                                                                           on we roll from town to park…                                                                          Adventurers we are….                                                                                                           we bring you tales and pictures from afar….

Wind and Rain….                                                                                                                       brings us no pain….                                                                                                               as we know from this,                                                                                                                       Mother Nature will gain…

Our Country is pretty….                                                                                                         but where humans have been,                                                                                                Nature is sad…                                                                                                                                  as it’s Not So Clean!

We have only ourselves to blame,                                                                                              when we put Mother Nature to shame….

Fauna and Flora, the Birds and the Bees….                                                                       the Deep Blue Ocean and Fish in the Sea,                                                                                 belong to us all – not just You and Me…

So, please people!  Let’s raise the bar…                                                                                           Wherever we travel on dirt or tar,                                                                                       Adventuress we be….                                                                                                                     Adventurers we are….”