[2] Animal Welfare

We all love our Pets and most people love animals.  Unfortunately there are still  animals that get ill treated and do not have a loving and caring home…

There are organisations, all over the world mostly run by volunteers, trying to provide and care for these poor animals.  Most of the time a sad story has a happy ending but sometimes not…we can all make a difference!

We can contribute to a better life for our animals in need!


In Velddrif, West Coast, South Africa we visited THE VELDDRIF ANIMAL CARE.  We were touched by the efforts of the ladies reaching out to our animals in need.

Donations and Sponsors are always difficult to come by and there is never enough to go around.  At THE VELDDRIF ANIMAL CARE the group started a Charity Shop in February 2011.  Now you can donate all your unwanted or unused items to be resold at a bargain price!  After a good wash & iron or spit & polish the items find a place on the shelves.

The shop is in a building sponsored by a local business group in De Villiers Street, Laaiplek.

The ladies at THE VELDDRIF ANIMAL CARE are always ready to give a helping hand.  They provide food & shelter to homeless animals until a new home is found.  They are concentrating on sterilizations and working towards building some kennels and a dipping facility.

If you need any help or assistance regarding your pet or a destitute pet found, please contact VELDDRIF ANIMAL CARE at 074-740-1111 or any one of the team. (Contact numbers below).

Feel free to visit the shop, when you’re in the area and purchase an item or offer a donation.  Lend a helping hand by purchasing an item at the shop to give to someone else in need.

The volunteers are:  Mary Anne Venter – (022)783-2654, Celia Geldenhuys – 083-236-2544, Vera Acton – 073-540-4529, Yvonne Visagie (Fieldwork), Cathy Ahlers & Madelie Wiid (Fundraisers)