[5] Orania


On the R369 – 48km from Hopetown and about 103km from Strydenburg lies Orania- an Afrikaner “Volkstaat”.

A "Volkstaat"

A “Volkstaat”

The town is build next to the Orange river. The village originated in 1967 as a construction camp for those who worked on the Vanderkloof canal system of the Orange River Project.  When the canals were completed 20 years later, the village was abanded when the engineers and other workers moved to the next construction site.
The village was bought in 1991 by the Afrikaner Vryheidstigting.

statue at town entrance

statue at town entrance

The foundation was led by Carel Boshoff, the son-in-law of Dr H.F. Verwoerd.

Orania is a privately owned town and all property owners become shareholders. The farm called Vluytjieskraal, adjacent to the village, was bought and devided into smallholdings.

healthy crops

healthy crops

Crops grown here are: maize, tomatoes, green peppers, grapes, sweet-melon, olives and pecan nuts.
A computerized irrigation system, with a 13-km pipeline from the river, provides ample water to the crops.

Die Wynhuis is build with straw bales

build with straw bales

  • A small gun museum with firearms dating back to the 18th century
  • “Die Wynhuis” – build with straw bales