[6] Vanrhynsdorp – (Namaqua)

This town is situated on the N7 – 300km from Cape Town.

VANRHYNSDORPIn the first half of the 18th century “trekboers” settled in the area. In 1751 they founded a village, called Troe-Troe. It is believed that the name means ‘river of battle’ .

A Dutch Reformed parish was established in 1850. At a meeting of male members, a local farmer called Petrus van Rhyn, offered to build a church – provided that each member pay a yearly fee for┬ámaintenance.

In 1881 the church council & community decided to change the name of the village from Troe-Troe to Vanrhynsdorp.

The first residential stands were sold in 1887 & municipal status was granted in 1913.

VANRHYNSDORPThe economy of the town & district is based largely on sheep ranching.

General JBM Hetzog occupied the town on behalf of the Boer Republic for a few months as well as General Jan Christiaan Smuts.


An old Church on the outskirts of Vanrhynsdorp

The succulent nursery in town which is the largest in the world
Old Goal 1895
Horse mill
Van Rhyn Museum – 1897
Victoria Smith Memorial Aviation History