Visit the Sandveld village called Aurora

After a visit in Velddrif (on the West Coast) it is an absolute must to visit the village named Aurora…

We traveled towards Piketberg via the R399. The tare road stretch through farmlands and it is a scenic drive out in the country.

IMG_8115_1After about 50km from Velddrif there is a turnoff left that leads to Aurora.

AURORAAurora is nestled at the foot of the Piketberg Mountains

AURORALike with so many towns, we visited before this one, we received a welcoming notice at the town’s entrance.

AURORAIt was quiet and peaceful… being mid-day, I reckoned that everybody were having some siesta time.. Needless to say that we did not see a soul while we were driving around in this unique little village.

AURORAThe streets are lined with lots of trees…tall and green…total opposite of a concrete jungle!

AURORAOnly the main roads in the village are tared. Gravel roads map out the rest of the town filled with a variety of architectures. Some of them dating back many years.

AURORAThe NG Church forms the center of town. It was designed by architect WH Ford and completed in 1908.

AURORAThe Aurora High School building looks so old …

AURORAFurther down the road we saw the Post Office building and…

AURORA…the Co-op which I’m sure is the main source of daily bread and milk for the locals.

AURORAWe saw this petrol pump in the yard of the Co-op.  I assume it is still in working order, but don’t know for sure…

AURORAThe dirt roads stretched to the outskirts of town, where they faded away into farmlands.

This beautiful little town offers a big experience for those who want to break away from the rushed city life and enjoy a day or few in the country.
Do yourself a favour…grab some Aurora!