[11] Steinkopf (Namaqua)

STEINKOPFNorth of Okiep and Nababeeb along the N7, about 50km from Springbok lies the mission settlement of Steinkopf. It was founded in 1818 by reverend Heinrich Schmelen of the London Missionary Society. This original Nama settlement, previously known as ~Tarrakois (‘strange maid’) was named in honour of Dr Karl Steinkopf of London.


  • Klipfontein Graves – Anglo-Boer War 
  • Klipfontein Hotel – Follow the R382 to the hotel ruins & remains of the Namakwa Mule Train water tanks.
  • Rhenish Mission Church – It was built in the 1840s – today it is a national monument. 
  • Steinkopf Art Gallery – In the old Rhenish Mission Church. Paintings were donated by the Brechner family, Rhenish missionaries in the 1800s. 
  • Matjieshuis – build by the Namaquas in these parts to protect themselves against heat – a dome shaped wooden or reed frame, covered with woven reed mats.
looking back...the town in a distance...

looking back…the town in a distance…