[3] Loeriesfontein – (Hantam)


…. the road to “Loeriesfontein”

 ….82 km North of Calvinia,  63 km North-east of Niewoudtville…….      There you will find Loeriesfontein  on the Southern edge of the Bushmanland Plains.

Where did this name come from?… 

It is said that a party of trekboers who stopped at the fountain for water listened to the birdsong of a colony of Loeries and named the fountain the Afrikaans equivalent of the “loerie spring”.   – others say that there were never any loeries in these parts and the name is derived from a peeping incedent.  (peep – loer).      The town lies where Namaqualand, Bushmanland and the Hantam meet.

The district is known for sheep farming.

The district is known for sheep farming.

The main economic activity of the district is sheep farming for wool & mutton.  A fair amount of wheat is also harvested every year and salt is     mined on a                              relatively large scale.



*Museum in the old Babtist Church.

the “Windpump” museum

                                                                *”Windpump” museum – there are only two in the world (the other is in the USA).                                                                                                           *Quiver tree Forest (towards Niewoudtville)

Church in Loeriesfontein