The NORTHERN CAPE is the largest province in SOUTH AFRICA.  The province is divided into different regions: DIAMOND FIELDS, KAROO, NAMAQUA, GREEN KALAHARI  and KALAHARI ….. THE NORTHERN CAPE ….. in a “nutshell” is for nature lovers and adventurers.  It is home to wide open spaces, filled with Koppies,  breathtaking Rock Formations, diverse Fauna & Flora, mysterious  Moonscapes in the Richtersveld, clear skies and friendly people….Add into the mix, the Orange river, Kalahari desert, Augrabies Waterfalls, Game Parks, Salt pans and Karoo landscape… have the perfect slice of the SOUTH AFRICAN pie…

A ” Quiver Tree” at dusk.

River Rafting, Game drives,Bungee Jumping, Star Gazing, 4×4 Tracks, Backpacking and the spectacular flower display in early spring are but a few of the many other attractions including Mission Stations, Corbelled Buildings, and Diverse Karoo Architecture that makes up this hard but forgiving Province….

Come and explore the last frontier of our country….Make this unforgettable experience yours to ponder on until the sheer magnetizium of it all forces you to return again and again…….. 


Namaqua is the plural form of Nama, the name of the large Khoe Group who occupied the region long before the white settlers arrived. Namaqualand is equal to one of the greatest flowershows on earth.

After good winter rains, spring provides a flower carpet of radiant colour. This arid region has an annual rainfal ranging from 50mm to less than 250mm. The most common flower species are Namaqualand Daisies, vygies and a variety of Asterceae.

Thousands of tourist from all over the world come to experience the unique beauty of the wildflowers.

When 4000 species of wild flowers suddenly transform the seemingly barren veld, into a garden, it will put any surburban garden to shame.

Two other noteworthy indigenous plants are the quiver tree and the halfmens (“half human”). The latter are common in the Richtersveld