[4] Brandvlei – (Hantam)

a "multi purpose" signboard

170km North East of Calvinia on the R27.

The town was developed near the Sak River “vloer” in the heart of Bushman-land where “ou Brand” a 19th Century trekboer, once out-spanned next to the vlei(marsh) to rest his oxen.  Apparently he accidentally set the dry grass alight and caused a veld fire – from there the name Brandvlei.

The town was cut in two by a flash flood in 1961, it recovered and in 1962 a municipality was formed.  Today Brandvlei is a typical “Karoo” town surrounded by farms with a strong farming community.


*Dutch Reformed Church built in Neo-Gothic style in 1905

The Dutch Reformed Church

*Birdlife – The salt pans are transformed into bird sanctuaries after the summer rains (Nov-March)

*Verneukpan – In 1929, Sir Malcolm Campbell unsuccessfully attempted to break the world land-speed recovered here by travelling over 300mph in his Blue Bird 1.

*Galleries of San(Bushman) rock art on surrounding farms.

a reminder of the "Groot Trek"



Visiting Brandvlei is an experience. Along the main road that leeds to Kenhardt, one can relive history…  this sighboard brought us to a halt.


the "Groot Trek" monument




Standing here……, looking at this monument ……, makes one wonder what it must have been like many years ago….travelling miles and miles…… by ox wagon!


means of transport...during the "Groot Trek"