Travel along from Port Nolloth to Vanrhynsdorp via the N7

After spending some time at the coast, it was time to exchange the salty sea air for the dry and hot inland climate…

N7From Port Nolloth we traveled via the N7 to Vanrhynsdorp. I spotted a few dirt roads that lead towards the hills…would much rather travel along them than the tare road!

NORTHERN CAPEIt was quite amazing how quickly the soft white sand and blue sea along the diamond coast turned into a distant memory.

NORTHERN CAPEIt was hot and the road continued timelessly along a dry and dusty plateau surrounded by a few hills here and there.

NORTHERN CAPEInteresting landscapes offered a canvas of colour to the homesteads of the area.

NORTHERN CAPEAfter a few hours of traveling in the heat, we saw the town Steinkopf in the distance…glorious!!
We could all do with a quick pit stop.

STEINKOPFAt the “One Stop Shop for all” we refueled and got some refreshments for along the road.
While Bruno & Junior stretched their legs and marked their territory…I went to mark mine…

STEINKOPFHere at the rest room I had a chuckle when I saw the services on offer…(in walking distance)

QUIVER TREESThis part of the country is famous for it’s quiver trees. They grow into huge forests.

SPRINGBOKAs we traveled closer to Springbok, we noticed a change in scenery…very rocky.

SPRINGBOKSpringbok lies among-st the rocky hills

SPRINGBOKThis was again a town to explore…after driving around in town and capturing the moment, it was time for a quick lunch…

SPRINGBOKWe passed by Springbok Caravan Park as we left town. This looked like the ideal spot to overnight the next time around.

SPRINGBOKThese amazing little homesteads are ideal for those who want to stay out of town yet close by. I’m sure that I’ll be very happy to retire this way.

NORTHERNCAPEA long road ahead of us…where ever we looked, we saw dry, flat landscapes with mountains
set far behind. It was hot and humid…

NORTHERN CAPEThis welcoming 1km rest stop sign could not appear soon enough!
Bruno & Junior were anxious to take a walk…

KAMIESKROONNot to far after our pit stop, we arrived at Kamieskroon.

KAMIESKROONThis town’s name derives from this unique looking mountain top.

KAMIESKROONWe turned left into the town. I’ve been dying to see what Kamieskroon had to offer and then, finally, we were there!

KAMIESKROONA typical look of the town, gravel roads and welcoming homes.

KAMIESKROONAs with most small towns, the church is where it all began…
KAMIESKROONA tractor parked next to the house, a piece of land and loving spouse ! What more could you need or want…

NORTHERN CAPEBack on the N7…the road was twisting and turning through valleys and mountains. Our next stop – Vanrhynsdorp!