Our stay in Van Wyksvlei

We arrived at Vanwyks Vlei

We arrived at Van Wyksvlei

After being on the road for a few days nights we finally arrived at Van Wyksvlei…

 entrance to town

entrance to town

To me, this town has always only been a name on the map… you can imagine how excited I was to visit !

outskirts of town

outskirts of town

We drove through and stopped close to the outskirts of town. It looked like the ideal spot to spend the night.

this was the only shop open...

this was the only shop open…

We unhitched the Jeep and Trailer and went to explore the town. It was late Saturday afternoon and we were lucky to find a shop open. While purchasing some supplies, we were informed that petrol will only be available on Monday morning.

The Post Office

The Post Office

A building that seems to have been residential previously, hosts the Post Office. With it’s old tin roof and palisade fencing, the building looked .

The Police Station

The Police Station

Further down the road is the Police Station – neat and clean and ready to serve!

"Look at the car!"

“Look at the car!”

This residence attracted our attention, especially the old car parked in the yard.


…old but interesting …

One thing that is so typical of small towns, is the amount of old stuff that one can find in the most unexpected places. Here was some type of cart…a few heavy duty tools and something that looked like an engine…interesting!

The NG Church

The NG Church

Every town, that we visited, has a focus point. The church in Van Wyksvlei dates back a few centuries and is still in
use. With the unique architecture style that differs from town to town, it is a privilege to add a pic or two to our footage.

a pump for each premuim

a pump for each premium

The petrol “station” is still so “old school”… a few pumps fitted on a cement platform in a fenced off area. If you need fuel, you just sound the alarm and wait for assistance.
Although we would have liked to fill the tanks (300L’s), we could only buy 100L’s of fuel from what was available till their next delivery.

...we've been there!

…we’ve been there!

We really enjoyed the ancient feel of Van Wyksvlei. With their old buildings, gravel roads and set ways, these locals had a hospitality to offer which we would always remember… 

entrance at the dam

entrance at the dam

We were all ready and set to go…but first, a stop at the Van Wyksvlei Dam.

the road leading to the dam

the road leading to the dam wall

Hubby was suffering with a light gout attack and Junior was already a Senior and could not walk so far…so it was up to Bruno and I to take the walk up to the dam wall.

half way there...

half way there…

Across this bridge, around the corner, up the hill and we should be there! Bruno enjoyed exploring and was always a few meters ahead.

Van Wyksvlei Dam

Van Wyksvlei Dam

Finally there it was… Van Wyksvlei Dam stretches over a large area and from where we stood on top of the hill, it was such an amazing site.

The Rig...

The Rig…

From the top of the hill, I had a brilliant view and admired the Rig, parked below. Although I could spend the rest of the day at this spot, I new that we had to continue with our journey…

on the road again...

on the road again…

Once again, we were on our way…with the next destination further on, down the road!