[1] – Hondeklip Bay

A Coastal town just South of  Koingnaas and 104km from Springbok.

a Warm welcome to the town…

History:  This village was once used as an export harbour for copper ore from the mines around Springbok. It began with a single trading Store which opened in 1855.  The copper ore was transported by ox wagon from Springbok, Nababeep and Okiep.

Many of the ore carrying vessels were damaged or wrecked in heavy seas or in the thick fog of the West Coast.

The Cape Copper Company build a railway to Port Nolloth in the 1870’s, which became the new outlet for their exports.


General description of the Town:  Hondeklip Bay is separated from Springbok by gravel roads, the Messel Pass and Soebatsfontein (a quaint village built next to a spring at the foot of the escarpment).

the famous “Dog Stone”

The town got its name from the “Dog Stone” near the Police station.  This rock resembled a sitting dog until its head was shattered by a bolt of lightning many years ago.

get to know about the Rock Lobster….

Today:  Hondeklip Bay is a popular holiday destination. For the 4×4 enthusiast it offers a vast, unspoiled coastline to explore.  The most important catch off these shores is Rock Lobster for which a permit can be bought in season from the authorities in Springbok, Garies or Hondeklip Bay.

the shipwreck “ARISTEA”

The wreck of the “ARISTEA” that ran aground in 1945 is south of the town and can be explored at low tide.