Why do we all love TRAVELING?


Directions to Coves & Bays in the “Namaqua Park” on the Diamond Coast.

There is always the desire….. to Travel, and the curiosity to know what a Town looks like.  How do the people in the town make a living?  What attractions are there to  view?….

a homestead in Garies

                                                             Are you interested to know more about the different cultures and the town’s history? Do you want to know more about the climate and rainfall patterns…or do you want to view awesome travel photos?

We would like to share our stories and tales…and we hope that you would find something interesting to remember as well as the urge to visit some of these magnificent towns…

During our travels  we have visited seventy two (72) towns to date and will be visiting many more! (ONCE I’VE MANAGED TO UPDATE THE WEBSITE) 

a mining building in a restricted area in Alexander Bay

We will be featuring each and every town visited and share as much information as possible with you… TIME TO BLOG!!!

2 thoughts on “Why do we all love TRAVELING?

  1. Great to see all your activities. Feel back “home” when I see all the adventures, we didn’t in time… But it had been a real adventure to dicover South Africa in 2004, 2005-06 and again with Namibia in 2007/08. 22000 kay’s in 22 months.

    • Hi Peter,

      I’m glad to hear that you’re following my blog. There is still so much that I’m gonna share in the near future. Hopefully all my visitors can stay on permanent travel.


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