Visit a few Artists and Crafters at the West Coast

During our working holiday at the West Coast, I have been privileged to meet some of the honest, generous and hard working people of this region. Among-st them is the talented artist and crafters… living by their dreams, facing the challenges of life and finding inner peace through their creations….

A variety  of Art Supplies for sale at "Simply Art" studio

A variety of Art Supplies for sale at “Simply Art” studio

Irisma Tolken, a young girl in Velddrif, has been painting for quite some time. Her dream was to have her own studio where she could spend her days painting. With the support and love from her family, she opened “Simply Art”. Today she has her “SPACE” where she can forget about the world and live her dream…



A West Coast story...

A West Coast story…

Mariette van Jaarsveld is a name well known at the coast. A woman with inner strength and a positive outlook on life. She has the ability to capture the West Coast on canvas with so much reality and passion, that it seams as if you’re part of the scene.



A display of Elton's Art Works at an Arts & Crafts Market

A display of Elton’s Art Works at an Arts & Crafts Market

Elton Jagels is a young man who gets inspired by the impressions of people and sceneries   of mother nature. His studio is anywhere and everywhere! His art pieces has been sold to people far and wide and a few murals has proudly been signed by this artist of Laaiplek.




let us point you in the right direction...

let us point you in the right direction…

Dot Dixon, a lady who say’s : “I’m not an Artist!” She has only been painting for a short while and took art classes to master some art techniques. Now she is going WILD! During some free time, Dot enjoys painting and working in her studio called “West Coast Art” .



A family portrait painted to perfection - by Celba

A family portrait painted to perfection – by Celba

Celba Wessels – an artist with a welcoming smile and a humble personality. With the ocean being almost on her door step, her home provides the perfect studio. She specializes in painting portraits and with every brush stroke the photo takes on a new dimension.




Kids summer clothing

Kids summer clothing

Janine van der Westhuizen does not paint with a brush…no she uses textiles with different textures and colours to create her well designed items. She makes clothing for kids and her motherly instinct has no boundaries…from T’s to Trac’s – she makes them all!




Click here to visit the Artists & Crafters Webpages and view some of their work being showcased on line.