Traveling towards the Groen River Mouth…

After a few days of camping and exploring along the coast, we were back on route….

It was hot and Bruno & Junior (our two four-legged children) drank much more water then we thought they would.  We only had enough water for 2 days. We had to stay on track in case we had to go through to Garies to pick up supplies. During the next two days of travelling this is what we saw….


a “rocky” coastline

After long stretches of sandy shores, we came across a rocky coastline – good for fishing! 


interesting plant / rock combination

Most of us, spend hours in creating the perfect “rock garden” at home – here were so many NATURAL “rock garden” combinations! 



Although we could not read this sign, we followed the arrow and found…  more open space…


harvesting seaweed

This was very interesting  – lots of dried seaweed been harvested.  Unfortunately, we did not see anyone that could give us more information on this process!


fresh water!

We could not believe it!!! In the middle of  nowhere we found this tap….  connected to a fresh water supply.  I was so happy!  ( at this stage our water supply was very low)  With all our water containers filled again, we continued on our adventure…


A mining area on the Diamond Coast

As we continued our journey, we saw a mining area further ahead.  At this stage we did not know if we would be allowed to travel through the area…


The security post at the Namaqua Sands Ltd Mining Area

RESTRICTED AREA!  We drove past on our way to Groen    River.

the “Sout River” crossing

A few km further we crossed the Sout River.  Apparently crossing during the rainy season is sometimes more of a challenge.  I suppose that is when the rugged 4×4 with a snorkel will come in handy!  The sand was soft and without our jeep I don’t think we would have got very far.


the” Sout River” Wetlands

The Wetlands of the river was muddy and filled with different plant and grass species. A wonderful display of colour… 

important notice(s) found along the “West Coast” coastline

Even though the coast lies untouched and the beaches are clean… this notice board makes one realize that the destructive nature of mankind is EVERYWHERE!!!!

a seal colony on a rock-island

We saw this seal colony late afternoon.  We would have loved to spend more time here, but we had to get to a suitable spot to set up camp for the night.  This area was to rocky to pitch tent.

unusual rock placement…

As we traveled along, we passed a few interesting bays before we found the perfect spot for the night…

This rock placement reminded me of something out of “Star Wars”.  It looked as if these rocks were crawling out of the ocean…one by one…

interesting…bride and groom with a “VYGIE” bouquet ?

We found this ” Vygie bush” on it’s own, growing proudly on these massive rocks. (With a little imagination I saw a Bride and Groom getting married with a “VYGIE” bouquet)

another interesting observation

From this perfect little home, there was an amazing sea view.  Exactly the view we were looking for….we pitched our tent to overnight…


a sunset with a difference

Weather moved in that evening and we enjoyed the sound of the waves braking on the rocks and tasted the saltiness of the sea air .  Once again I felt the inner joy and thankfulness to be able to explore…  



2 thoughts on “Traveling towards the Groen River Mouth…

  1. We plan to visit the park coming April 2014 and enjoy your info. Did you just camp any place or didyou book in advance at the parksoard overnigt camps. I am also driving a Jeep. Are there no restrictions on 4 leg children Regards

    • Hi Jochie,
      This route is part of the “Wild West Coast”. There is nothing for miles. You have to take your own water,food camping gear etc. We did not make use of any camp facilities in the parks. We enjoyed the freedom…and our 4 legged children loved it. You can send me an email to and I’ll give you more details of our experience

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