The Groen River Mouth… the trip continued…

As we thought, we woke up to a spectacular view…glad we decided to spend the night here.

the view from our tent…

Due to the fact, that we could fill all our water containers, from the tap we found along the way…we did not need to hurry…an extra day to explore and enjoy!

a variety of stone

We spend hours in the water pools, looking for that something that makes you stop and admire…it was endless…a photographer’s dream!

potted in natural rock

Along the coastline, we have found quite a few different types of flora growing in many different ways…This one was quite unique.

erosion artwork

For many years erosion took place and shaped this solid rock into a round pool, filled with smaller pebbles. High tides come and go…

another erosion shaped pool

another pool shaped through erosion

Different forms of sea life, transformed this pool to a cozy  little home. Being so shallow, the water warmed up in the sun, to a pleasant temperature. 

an inquisitive nabour

This fellow was one of a few.  I liked this one in particular because of his attitude.  The closer we came, the higher he lifted his head, trying to dominate…

on the road again…

We were ready for the last stretch… another +/- 40km to the Groen River.

“Whale’s mouth”

This reminded me of a whale, reaching out of the water. We stopped for a few minutes, stretched our legs and saw this incredible rock formation.

old ship engine

Normally you find the shipwreck without an engine, but this time…   The engine lost it’s ship!


To explain this beauty is impossible!  Not even a photo like this can bring you close to understanding what we’ve seen and experienced…

a “Bed of Shells”

With such an unbelievable sight…fresh in my mind…we continued our yourney.

A Lighthouse at  the Groen River Mouth

When we saw the lighthouse, we new that the Groen River must be close…we have traveled quite a distance, mainly through soft sand.

nicely secured

This area was nicely secured, and my plan of having a closer look at the lighthouse, was impossible..

at the gate, going through to the Groen River Mouth


We were still travelling in mining area – all property of De Beers.

an educational notice board

We have found these notice boards to be very informative and looked at the coast with a different insight.

the Groen River running into the ocean at the mouth…

I could not help seeing a contrast in these two pathways, one made by nature…and one by mankind.


From here we traveled towards the Spoeg river , where Hondeklipbaai was our first town we visited on the DIAMOND COAST….


Explore further with us under the heading – …to the Spoegriver…


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