Hondeklipbaai …here we come! (towards the Spoeg River)

After days of travelling along the coast, exploring every bay or cove, spending a night or more on the most romantic beaches and experiencing incredible sunsets…we were on our way towards Hondeklipbaai.

a long road ahead of us…

It seemed as if we were traveling for ever…the road just carried on… and on…

a warning not to be ignored…

We took a closer look to see if it would be a safe crossing.

could have been worse!

We did not think that this was to bad, we have seen worse  before.  If you move across slowly, it should be fine…

A farmhouse – miles away from the nearest town.

While traveling along, towards the coast, we passed this farmhouse – miles away from the nearest town…

a sighboard – “PADSTAL” ahead

When we saw this, I was so excited! Yeah! Maybe they sell chocolates?! I was craving for chocolate and our supplies did not include that luxury anymore…


“Cute” but CLOSED!


interesting ruins

The “plaster work” on this ruins was very artistically done.  A pity that we could not find out a bit more history on this one…(If any of our readers know more about this ruins and it’s history – please send us a comment)

finally – markers that confirmed our route

We have traveled routes we’ve never traveled before… when you’ve been on a road that seems to carry on forever and suddenly you see markers like this, you feel somewhat relieved to know you’re still on the right track.

the road leads through the Namaqua National Park

To continue on our route, we had to travel through the Namaqua National Park.  The road curved along the Groen River as we were heading towards the coast.

the Groenriver

the last stretch

It was nice to see the sea approaching slowly… as we were traveling along the sandy road towards the coast.

It was a hot day with a light wind blowing…enjoyable!

notice board – re: coast work

Here, we were…in the middle of a massive stretch of undeveloped “Wild” West Coast! 

Do you need directions?

THIS WE LOVED!!!  It reminded us of a shopping center’s directions to all the indoor stores … very original.

Very informative.

There are many of these information boards (on different subjects) along the coast.  The information is very educational and interesting.

 We turned right and traveled further north along the coast line. Soft white sand and deep blue seas…so much excitement!  It is unforgettable!

an important notice

Everyone should respect and obey this notice. We could travel on many jeep tracks and enjoy our 4×4 capabilities without disturbing nature.

the Spoeg River Mouth

Here we were…the Spoeg River Mouth!

after the Spoeg River crossing

With the Spoeg River behind us and Hondeklipbaai our next stop, we could look back on a road well traveled.

jeep track – very soft sand

Follow this track as it winds to the left and to the right… on… and on… to HONDEKLIPBAAI.


4 thoughts on “Hondeklipbaai …here we come! (towards the Spoeg River)

  1. Did you travel through the national park ? any problems allowing the dogs through ? that was one of our concerns the dogs at this particular point.

    • Hi Jack, I’ve been occupied with other happenings the last few weeks, but I’M BACK! More posts will follow as from today and hopefully it will assist you to plan. December should be ok with regards to gates… we went through so many gates during our trip – think that it might be too much trouble to lock each and every one. (Like a long farming road with gates to separate the different camps)Although this route forms part of the Namaqua National Park, it was not manned like other parks as yet. Our two dogs traveled very well with us, just be careful for ticks and make sure you take enough water, Bruno & Junior drank much more than normal. It could have been all the running around and fresh sea air.
      Enjoy the planning of your trip and happy reading…

      • Hi Again Annie,,,, planning and waiting, we leave Thursday morning and will take three days to get to the West coast, no rush. We will start form the Groen River and work our way down, hope we don’t get locked out of the beaches,, that would be annoying,,, but I’m sure its ok,,, did you come across any officials from the mines or the authorities ?

        • Hi Jack, hope you get this before you leave…. 250 liters of water should be OK, depending on how long you stay. You’ll soon find out after the first day where you must slow down on usage. Don’t worry so much just go and enjoy the trip! Believe me you’re in for an unforgettable experience.
          The park was unmanned and we had no problem what so ever except for ticks. Check the dogs regularly. When you guys get back from your trip, you must feel free to share your experience with us. I will gladly post an article on your behalf.
          Happy trails

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