Traveling from Hondeklip Bay…further up North..

We arrived in HONDEKLIP BAY after a long day of constant traveling.  We were tired and our four legged children were ready for their supper…

With one of the locals’ assistance, we found the Caravan Park and settled in for the night.

Caravan Park in Hondeklip Bay

Caravan Park in Hondeklip Bay

The Caravan Park – a walled in piece of ground with an ablution block.  Lots of hot water, neat and tidy! After showering outdoors,( with salt water) for a few days, THIS WAS HEAVEN!!!

View from Caravan Park

View from Caravan Park

We woke up refreshed and could not wait to start exploring the town and it’s surroundings.  We had a stunning view of the Bay from our campsite. mysterious...

…so mysterious… unique...

…so unique…

I loved every moment in Hondeklip Bay.  The fresh smell of the sea, the unbelievable beauty of mother nature and the friendly locals, made our visit unforgettable…

it is all "JUST THERE"!

it is all “JUST THERE”!

Strolling along…enjoying the fresh air and feeling at peace…

A Diamond Dredger

A Diamond Dredger

I could not believe how this Diamond Dredger lay anchored on the beach?!  At least we had the opportunity to have a close up look.

a peep through the window

a peep through the window

a freedom that can not be explained...

a freedom that is hard to describe…

Once again, I could feel the power within! The wonder of nature – the calming effect from the oceans, the secrets of the land and a mystery of the unknown…these are all feelings…feelings of freedom!

information on the shipwreck ARISTEA

information on the shipwreck “ARISTEA”

We followed the signboards leading us to the wreck of the “ARISTEA”

shipwreck "ARISTEA"

shipwreck “ARISTEA”





We could take magnificent photos…(above – only a few of so many!)

Bruno & Junior - enjoyed traveling...

Bruno & Junior – enjoyed traveling…

Bruno (the brown Pointer) and Junior (the black Labrador) traveled with us from the one destination to another.  They enjoyed traveling and explored just as much as we did.

art in it's best form

art in it’s best form

Of the few shops dotted around the town, this one was my favorite.

very original...

very original…

Of the many accommodation venues on offer, we found this to be the most original one available to visitors.

house of prayer

house of prayer

This little church is not much bigger than a single garage, yet it reflected such a calm and warm feeling.

mother nature was the artist

mother nature was the artist

This unusual rock formation attracted our attention.


the famous “Spitfire” rock

We had the pleasure of viewing this famous rock.


it just got better…


and better!


…wait for it….




Supper time…

We were due to travel further the next day.  We had a “braai” in the caravan park while enjoying the view in this calm environment.

A Stunning Vehicle!

A Stunning Vehicle!

We met Eric & Armgard. They were traveling through Africa en route back to Austria  Their vehicle was fully equipped to complete their journey through Africa.

The next morning we left Hondeklip Bay to continue our trip to the Orange River Mouth in Alexander Bay.

Read more about this in our next post!

6 thoughts on “Traveling from Hondeklip Bay…further up North..

  1. Is it possible to to travel either dirt road with a sedan and a trailer? I would love to visit on our trip down from Port Nolloth but have read conflicting views on the roads.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Anne, we traveled from Olifants river to the Spoegriver mainly jeep tracks – you do need 4×4 there. Then we traveled from Hondeklip Bay to Koingnaas -dirt road but not to bad. From Koingnaas to Kleinzee tare road. From Kleinzee to Port Nolloth A VERY CORREGATED DIRT ROAD. It felt as if we were shaking to pieces! I would suggest a VERY SLOW TRAVEL…don’t be in a hurry. The locals travel that road everyday. If you do the trip, feel free to share your experiences with us and I’ll post an article for you.
      Happy traveling

    • Hi there, I’m so glad you liked the post – I’m trying to share our traveling experiences and inspire each and everyone to visit these unbelievable towns and places…or just enjoy reading about it!
      I wil be adding a post on a more regular bases – going to try at least one post per week!
      Happy reading

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