Traveling from Dwarskersbos to Eland’s Bay

From Laaiplek we traveled about 12 km further to Dwarskersbos. 

interesting architecture

interesting architecture with a very suitable name

This building style gives the holiday accommodation an interesting look and the name says it all…No hurry what so ever!

 Junior - so tired...

Junior – so tired…

We decided to overnight in the caravan park and our old Labrador took his afternoon nap.

Bruno - "what is this?"

Bruno – “what is this?”

While Junior was snoring away inside the motor home, Bruno (a Pointer) was busy exploring outside.  He has never seen a tortoise before and he was so intrigued by this  creature…

We left early the next morning to continue on our journey.  We are on our way to Eland’s Bay.

white , sandy beaches

white , sandy beach – close to Eland’s Bay

As we followed the “loop” Road and got closer to Eland’s Bay, the Atlantic Ocean with it’s White, Sandy Beaches stretched out ahead of us.

part of Baboon Mountain

part of “Baboon” Mountain

Rock formations on our right, welcomed us to the “Baboon” Mountain. (Bobbejaan Berg)

"Baboon" Point

“Baboon” Point

Here at “Baboon” Point, we stopped to have lunch and Bruno & Junior stretched their legs a bit.

usefull information

useful information

We all did a bit of exploring and after a while our four legged ones were peaceful and happy.  We made our way to the Eland’s Bay Cave.

path to the cave

path to the cave

A path is laid out to the Cave, but it is quite steep.

right to the top

right to the top

Once we reached the Cave, we knew that the slight short of breath and aching calve mussels was a small price to pay for what we saw.

View from Eland's Bay Cave

View from Eland’s Bay Cave

The view is Breathtaking! One can see for miles… To me this was an ideal spot to pitch a tent.  Unfortunately it is NOT ALLOWED!










Eland’s Bay Cave is a Rock Art Site dating back 10 000 years.

The History

The History

Here we could learn a bit more about the incredible Rock Art in the Cave.



We were intrigued by the different shapes, sizes and colour of the rock formations.

the sky above

the sky above

Look up!  ….ooh just don’t fall down on me!


a View to Remember...

a View to Remember…

One last look at the Dirt Road below, the Atlantic Ocean reaching for the Horizon and the water filled Rock Pools, shimmering in the sun… Time to Go!



Driving around Baboon Point,  little fishing boats form part of the flora at the foot of the mountain.

well stacked

more “bakkies”

Accross the road more fishing boats…each with their own number.

view of Eland's Bay

view of Eland’s Bay

…and then we saw it.  Eland’s Bay!!!

a quick pitstop

a quick pit-stop…

Typical of the Coast, the mist can roll in off the sea at any time….We made a quick pit-stop and while I got the kettle going for a hot cup of coffee, Bruno and Junior checked out the environment. 

OK ! I'm ready to go again!

OK guys,  I’m ready to go again!

Wait, I'm still looking for the right spot!

Wait, I’m still looking for the right spot!




Thick mist at Eland's Bay

Thick mist at Eland’s Bay

So mysterious…Our next stop – Lambert’s Bay!

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