On Route to Strydenburg


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We are all so familiar with the phrase …. all roads lead to Rome …. During our KAROO TRAVELS  all roads lead to CALVINIA… After spending some time in this amazing town, enjoying the hospitality of the locals and incredible … Continue reading

From a Crisp Winter to a Magical Flower


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Here in South Africa, it is Winter…  the time for a hot cup of Soup, a Hearty Stew and Pancakes with Cinnamon Sugar… Even though the air is cold and the rain drops fall, it will be soon that the … Continue reading

We continue along the Coast – from Eland’s Bay to Strandfontein..


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After exploring the Eland’s Bay Cave at Baboon Point, it was time to continue on our journey… ….but first we had a hot cup of coffee and took a few minutes to stretch our legs. Eland’s Bay is a small … Continue reading

Traveling from Dwarskersbos to Eland’s Bay


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From Laaiplek we traveled about 12 km further to Dwarskersbos.  This building style gives the holiday accommodation an interesting look and the name says it all…No hurry what so ever! We decided to overnight in the caravan park and our old … Continue reading