We continue along the Coast – from Eland’s Bay to Strandfontein..

After exploring the Eland’s Bay Cave at Baboon Point, it was time to continue on our journey…

….but first we had a hot cup of coffee and took a few minutes to stretch our legs.

Eland’s Bay is a small holiday town with a few shops that stock the bare necessities. Ideal for the holiday maker!

We continued onto the next “Loop” road.  This was hectic!  The road was badly corrugated and there was just DUST everywhere! 

next to...

next to…

We were traveling North…with the railway line forming a barrier between the road and the ocean…we inhaled the fresh salty air and listened to the soothing sound of the waves breaking on the shore.

a freight train

a freight train

Eventually the railway line crossed over the road to the right.  On our way to Eland’s Bay we passed a freight train, carrying Iron Ore.  This train was a few kilometers long.   Iron Ore is transported from Sishen to Saldanha.

an overnight spot?

an overnight spot?

One of the benefits of travelling by Motor Home, is that almost any spot can be suitable to stop and overnight.  Once we passed through the “Loop” roads’ Toll Gates,

it was time to find that perfect Overnight Spot…

To us, any spot is perfect but I must say…I thought this was great!

Bruno & Junior went for a stroll and Hubby and I started with supper preparations.

love is in the air...

love is in the air…

A stroll along the beach, while inhaling the fresh sea air, was the last outdoor activity for us…we were tired and were looking forward to a good nights rest.

The next morning, we woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  After breakfast, the journey continued…the next stop was Lambert’s Bay.

Lambert's Bay

Lambert’s Bay

Lambert’s Bay is a big coastal town with a large number of residents and lots of businesses. 

fishing vessel

Fishing Vessels

We went to the harbour and saw a few fishing boats anchored…waiting for their next fishing trip.

Diamond Dredgers

Diamond Dredgers

A few Diamond Dredgers could be seen anchored in the Bay.

A Boat Yard in the Harbour

A Boat Yard in the Harbour

Regular maintenance takes place at the Boat Yard in Lambert’s Bay harbour.


factories in the harbour

From Bird Island, we had a full view of the factories in the harbour.

 welcome to...

welcome to…

When you visit Lambert’s Bay, visiting Bird Island is definitely a highlight.  It will be an unforgettable experience!

The "bird lookout" at Bird Island

The “bird lookout” at Bird Island

On Bird Island there is a huge “bird lookout” available for hours of memorable bird watching.

Cape Gannets

Cape Gannets

The Cape Gannets on Bird Island were busy with their daily activities and although they were extremely noisy, we enjoyed watching them. 

The Cape Gannets are easily identified by their large size, black and white feathers and distinctive yellow crown and hind neck.  The pale blue beak is pointed with fine serrations near the tip; perhaps because of the depth and speed of the gannet’s dive when fishing (depending on altitude, gannets hit the water at speeds of between 40 and 120 kilometers per hour ), its beak has no external nostrils into which the water might be forced. (Encyclopedia Facts Quote)

left or right?

left or right?

We left Lambert’s Bay and  were on our way to Doring Bay (Doornbaai).  At the T-Junction we had to turn right, but  decided to see where the road will take us if we turned left to Donkinsbaai…

a very important notice

a very important notice board

As one enters the road to Donkinsbaai , there is a notice board about the road conditions ahead, which should not be ignored!

We unhitched the Jeep and drove in that direction for a few km.  The sand was very soft and 4×4 capabilities were definitely needed.  Ignore the notice… and be ready for some serious digging!

jetti at Doring Bay

the jetty at Doring Bay

At Doring Bay, a long jetty stretches far into the Atlantic Ocean…  Lots of fisherman use their “bakkies” (little fishing boats) for fishing and crayfishing.

Doring Bay

Doring Bay

A Breathtaking View… Doring Bay Harbour with factories and a Lighthouse in the back ground… complemented with the blue Atlantic Ocean and a clear blue sky…this I’ll always remember when I’m thinking about Doring Bay! 

more bays & coves...

more bays & coves…

There are lots of Bays & Coves, ideal for fishing or camping, between Doring Bay and Strandfontein.



A few km further, we arrived at Strandfontein.   This is a small holiday town.  It would be wise to stock up on supplies before visiting.

A picnic spot at the beach

A picnic spot at the beach

White sandy Beaches, brilliant Picnic spots & beautiful Sunsets is the perfect description for this holiday destination… 

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